Company Background

Owner and operator Nora Crosby has always had a deep love for dogs, which inspired her to open Dog City, a place where dogs can feel comfortable while away from home. Sparing no detail, Nora strived to create the ideal environment for dogs, with a focus on health, safety, and comfort. The result is a clean, sleek, and modern facility utilizing state-of-the-art systems and technology. The use of UV lights in the air conditioning system and special air ventilation allows us to control germs and contamination. Epoxy flooring keeps dogs comfortable, and we use only pet and environmentally-friendly cleaning products. 

Highly-Trained Pet Care Specialists

At Dog City, we are committed to meeting a high standard for conscientious pet care. Our team is specially trained to provide your dog with compassionate attention to make their stay comfortable. All employees are fully trained in animal behavior before interacting with the dogs. This allows us focus on your dog's safety and happiness.

We're Green

As a green company, we use environmentally-friendly products and do not believe in the use of harmful chemicals.

Our Promise to All Our Dogs in the City

Make them feel love!
They will feel safe & sound
Clean, safe, and secure environment

Serving Victory Park – Uptown Dallas