Regular grooming contributes to a dog's overall well-being, including their mental health. Dogs that feel better are happier, act friendlier and are more energetic. Every dog, whether long or short coat, deserves to look and feel their best. Grooming will leave your dog looking and smelling great, so schedule a grooming service after your pup's next day of day care or boarding stay and pick up a clean and fresh-smelling pooch!

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Regular grooming can prevent a variety of problems (such as matting, skin irritation and infection). It also provides an extra line defense against issues that may otherwise go unnoticed (lumps, lesions or fleas/ticks). We understand that, amid the daily hustle, sometimes even the most loving owner may not have enough time or resources to keep their pet properly preened. You will be able to speak with our groomer(s) directly, or an experienced team member, to guarantee your dog receives personalized care.

Consultations begin with a full body assessment. Based on your dog's coat type/condition (and your input, of course), we will then select the appropriate combination of suds and shears. Dog City offers multiple hypo-allergenic/organic shampoo and conditioner options. Each one is specially formulated to gently replenish and enhance the condition of your dog's coat (even with frequent bathing). Our Style Bar dog grooming experience includes:

  • Heat-Free Hand Blow Out & Brush
  • Nail Trim & Grind
  • Gentle Ear Cleaning & De-Odorizing
  • Ear Hair Removal (Breed Specific)
  • Gland Express
  • Spritz


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